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Yes, I register for Krav Maga Hybrid-, Eskrima-, Hybrid Combat Systems, the Heavy Bag Condition Training or a combination of these facilities.

Are you already a member of AlmereGym? Then follow this link for your registration.

1. You are aware of the fact that you are entering into a membership that takes effect from the 'date of first training' stated in the registration form.

2. You are aware of the fact that membership has a minimum term of 1 or 12 months and can then be canceled per one full calendar month.

3. Membership is strictly personal and can only be transferred after permission from DKMF Fight Concepts.

4. You may train in classes according to the chosen subscription form and in the classes designated for his or her level.

5. Minimum age for the Krav Maga Hybrid and Eskrima training is 16 years.

! We recommend keeping a (digital) copy of the registration