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Getting to know each other, the first step

Our introductory lesson, also called a trial lesson

Congratulations! Your first step towards a healthier, safer life.

You want to know what Krav Maga Hybrid is? Or what the Punching Bag Condition Training entails? Escrima maybe? Or Hybrid Combat Systems?

Either way, we are ready to assist you in your choice to achieve your goals.

Request a trial lesson online using the form below, pay online via the payment link in the registration form and we look forward to seeing you.

* Game Rules & Conditions

• Krav Maga Hybrid, Eskrima and Hybrid Combat Systems require a minimum age of 16 years. For fitness training 15 years.

• Trial lessons can be booked once by new members

• former members cannot participate in this service

• Trial lesson requests expire one month after purchase without refund

• once paid trial lessons are not refundable, not even in case of self-cancellation.

• access to trial lesson only after payment in advance via the payment button.

• full GTC & GDPR can be found here