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Vid.: one complete workout in 180 sec.
Krav Maga Hybrid (KMH) is not a new martial art, but a dynamic form of self-defense developed especially for the street. Especially for you!
KMH is a product of years of research, experimentation, training and testing what works and what doesn't.
Our starting point: what doesn't work, doesn't get trained. Efficiency and effectiveness are paramount. Only in this way can we guarantee you the quality that modern self-defense must meet.

Choosing Krav Maga Hybrid means:

• you train the entire system from lesson one

• there are no compulsory exams that give access to the 'advanced' material

• we train in small groups for optimal instruction

• our training method guarantees that you can already be an 'advanced student' after 3 months, comparable to P4 in the other systems which takes more than 2 years

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Krav Maga Hybrid (KMH) is an effective fighting and self-defense system, accessible to everyone. We are not commercial and therefore do not work with ranks or with compulsory exams.

We do offer technical training, drill training and real reality checks , so that everyone has the opportunity to train within and outside their comfort zone and thus determine their level.

We provide training for both individuals and companies (government & security institutions, etc.)

KMH is a form of self-defense developed especially for the street that covers all aspects, ranging from robberies, intimidation in all forms, violent attacks 'from scratch', acts of terrorism, armed violence, group attacks, etc.

Krav Maga Hybrid is our unique choice in self defense systems, based on Filipino Martial Arts, Defense Lab, traditional Krav Maga and other relevant street related systems.

KMH is a further development of the traditional Krav Maga systems; the evolution of traditional Krav Maga.

A few features:

1. KMH combines the best elements of different combat systems with the Israeli mindset: “This is the problem – that is the solution”

2. No technique depends on gender, stature or strength. All techniques must always be applicable to everyone, regardless of any physical disadvantage.

3. Recognizes the importance of preemptive self-defense strikes that action is always better than reaction. KMH is not a defensive but an offensive system

​4. Where traditional Krav Maga relies on sporty combat techniques from (kick) boxing, MMA, etc., the foundation of Krav Maga Hybrid consists solely of war-related combat systems.

Unfortunately, the street does not pay much attention to sporting regulations to prevent injuries.

5. Where 'multiple opponent training' in traditional Krav Maga are sporadic exotic outings, it is basic in the KMH class; each technique is trained under the pressure of multiple opponents in the same lesson.

There are 2 regular KMH training sessions per week available for everyone.

Krav Maga Hybrid is suitable for any age?

Certainly! But because the training sessions are sometimes a bit intense, we apply a minimum age of 16 years (with permission from parents/guardian, etc.) for injury prevention.

Can I also come and train once a week?

Learning Krav Maga takes effort, dedication, discipline and more. It is not a filling of an empty hour that we still had somewhere in the agenda. If you seriously want to learn Krav Maga and be able to apply it, you need training at least twice a week. The lesson program is based on training twice a week. It's a matter of prioritizing and choosing. Our program is not set to training once a week.

I've already fought against 5 men and there were even 2 men with a knife, I smashed them all. Can I come and train with you?

No, stay at home and put on another Rambo movie and study the Youtube masters. We can teach you nothing more!

When can I start as a beginner?

Always. You train in the group, you are assigned an advanced student and you learn super fast. There is no beginners class, so you can train the whole system right away!

Why is this system - Krav Maga Hybrid - so effective?

Our approach. We strive for rapid progress. With us you are a student. You come to learn something and it is our job to do it efficiently. No tough stories but facts, no magic and rehearsed dances, but working techniques and concepts. Not 400 techniques but a limited set, not dozens of compulsory exams. Everything is allowed. Fair play doesn't count on the street, you learn the language of the bad guy.

Are all KRAV MAGA's the same?

No! KRAV MAGA is not a protected term, it simply means 'close combat' or derivative terms from Hebrew. Efficiency and style differ greatly at different clubs.

Then why choose Krav Maga Hybrid from all styles?

Krav Maga Hybrid is a fair, effective system. No politics, no commercialism, no longing for the past, no tradition, but innovative and always looking for the best.

How fit do you have to be to participate in the training?

You just have to be healthy. Thick or thin, big or small, strong or weak. It's all minor. It's about the mindset, principles and a little bit of technique.

Will I also become physically stronger during the training?

Yes. Absolute. Your gym subscription can go.

How many calories do I burn per workout?

Depending on the training at that moment; somewhere between 1 and 1100 kcal/workout. But if your main goal is to lose weight, you better do Zumba or something similar. going to do. It's not our priority.

Is it also suitable for women?

Of course. The system is not based on strength and weight but efficiency.

What equipment is required?

Black long pants, black T-shirt, crotch protection, bit and MMA gloves. If you really want to do well, training weapons will be added.

I have glasses and I can't see much without them. Can I train?

Yes. It's a system for everyone!

I am already over fifty. Can I come and train?

Of course. As said: Krav Maga Hybrid is a system for everyone! Please check your health first.

What about weapons?

Knives, sticks, etc? Krav Maga Hybrid spends a lot of time on weapons; both the offensive and the defensive side. It is even an integral part of the system. There is a separate weapon training so that you better understand what you are doing. We don't practice fancy tricks like most places.

Trial lessons are free right?

No, they cost €15,=. For this you come to train with us so that you get as many aspects of the type of training as possible. You can then make an informed decision.

When are those trial workouts?

Trial training can always be fitted in. Boarding is possible all year round.

Can I also come and have a look?

Meh, better not. We'd rather you join right away. You're there anyway. And you'll get a better idea of what's happening.

What kind of people train Krav Maga Hybrid?

Office workers, civil servants, students, lawyers, people working in healthcare, police officers, housewives and husbands, managers, doctors. So everyone who understands that their own safety is of vital importance.

Is there also a 'full-contact' training?

If you want to train full contact, you can. Some protective clothing must then be purchased. You are not obliged to do so, by the way.

What does an average workout look like?

We do not provide average training sessions, but to give you an idea: • Functional warm-up • Technique, tactics and strategy training • box training • scenario training • stress drills • sparring

Is it mandatory to participate in level tests?

No. Everyone learns the same. Those who want to see this confirmed with a diploma or the like. can be tested. But ... colorful tires, stickers and patches will not get you out of the misery. i.e. we're not that level-headed here. But if you want, you can.

Why don't you ask for a Statement of Conduct?

Because such evidence says nothing, cannot prevent a completely mentally healthy person from suddenly going crazy and says nothing about someone who once made a mistake in the past will make the same mistake a 2nd time. We are very good at estimating our customers. The selection procedure is simple and so is our follow-up. Those who do not (any longer) fit into the group will not be allowed in or will be left. Without discussion. Anyone who starts working with our system over time (i.e. the non-certified instructor starts playing as one-eye in the land of the blind) will inexorably fly out. No respect (or too little) towards fellow athletes or the instructor: your exit is a fact.

Are there hidden costs?

No. You pay a monthly contribution. If we organize special workshops - such as the regular reality-check workshop - then there are costs involved, but you are free to participate.

If you take the headlines in the media for granted, then we find ourselves in a zeitgeist of a decreasing willingness to use violence: 'The (violent) crime has increased sharply, the streets have become dangerous.' We share this view not quite. Statistics show a decrease in the number of incidents. What is worrying is that the amount and severity of the injury inflicted is increasing.

So safety is very relative. A nosebleed is very annoying but - according to statistics - you are less likely to get it. The problem is - despite the decrease in the number of violent incidents - that the seriousness of the violence has increased sharply, resulting in terrible injuries. It is not uncommon for people to die or become disabled after street violence. But still: we can assume that we live in a country where the safety of everyone is generally guaranteed.

So what is the need for a self-defense system like the Krav Maga Hybrid System? That need arises automatically. If you unexpectedly end up in a bad weather situation, no statistics can be of service to you. If it hits you in a place that is - statistically - 99.9% safe, then you are still 100% in misery. You are then the so-called exception to the rule. You will now have to solve it on your own….

Several things can be achieved by learning this self-defense system: (1) You learn the (im)possibilities to resist aggressiveness. That knowledge boosts self-confidence. (2) You no longer feel so helpless, would you end up in an unpleasant situation. Through training you develop a feeling to sense aggressive situations in time, so that you can avoid them. (3) Due to the specific way in which Krav Maga Hybrid is trained, you learn to analyze situations at lightning speed, to assess their value and to make the right decisions. And that doesn't only apply to violent confrontations, you also see through situations much faster in everyday life.

So you could conclude that Krav Maga Hybrid training increases the quality of life!

Getting started with martial arts or self-defense?

When given a choice between martial arts or self-defense, say Krav Maga Hybrid, it seems the same to most people.

That is not the case. Read on and discover briefly what the differences are.

Martial arts as a sport.

The well-known martial arts are judo, karate, aikido, jujitsu, mma, muay thai and (kick) boxing. Each with different styles.

Can't martial arts techniques be used to defend yourself? Yes, you can apply some techniques well. The built-up fighting mentality and resilience is also a plus, which is also an important part of self-defense. In these martial arts, predetermined rules and agreements have been made. There is a controlled environment. The mat, octagon or ring. You have one clear opponent, of equal size. It is competitive. Full or semi contact. Of course there are differences in rules or restrictive techniques per martial art, also known as martial arts. At the end of the game you win or lose.

You are the best in your weight class or martial arts.

There's nothing to gain...

There are no rules or conventions in self-defense. The attack/threat takes place outside the training room (dojo), in an unfamiliar environment or situation. Often with multiple opponents and sometimes changing weapon use. There is no scoring. No graceful martial arts or referee involved. There's nothing to gain. You are chosen as a victim. It's not a game that ends after a few minutes, rounds or (technically) knockout. Weight, age and level do not matter.

Defense system

The above martial arts cannot be called self-defense due to rules and competition. The mindset and mentality is trained differently in self-defense. Attackers need to be proportionally “killed” as quickly as possible. Without using excessive force. If there is no other option, use violence (severe weather, Article 41, WvS) to immediately bring yourself - or others - to safety. In addition, as a professional you still have to deal with professional attitudes (think of the police, supervisors or security guards).

Krav Maga Hybrid teaches you to use this, along with punching and kicking techniques that are also used in martial arts. You are prepared for all possible situations.

What do you prefer

Krav Maga Hybrid and martial arts in general make for one of the best fitness workouts. In addition, it will strengthen your physical and mental self-confidence. You can take into account three distinguishing features. If you'd like to get started and aren't sure what to do with, take a look at the following:

a• Easy to learn, functionally train and effectively apply techniques.

b• Only competitive training for competitions (scoring).

c• Mastering martial arts and perfecting style at the performance level.

Choose self-defense (Krav Maga Hybrid) if choice number a• appeals to you the most. If your preference is b• and or c•, choose one of the martial arts.

Of course you can always combine.

Yes, we dare to say that unequivocally ... our system is head and shoulders above the traditional Krav Maga systems.

Krav Maga Hybrid, of course, trains facets from the traditional KM system, only we have further developed it to the standards of our time. And we looked at systems that really matter, that have proven themselves:

• Panantukan (dirty boxing). Here you can read more about Pilipino boxing.

• Eskrima knife and stick fighting (you learn both the offensive and the defensive side of the fight with weapons)

• Krabi Krabon (from this later Thai boxing originated)

• Defence Lab (also check this site)

Krav Maga Hybrid is, as the name suggests, a hybrid system. Where traditional Krav Maga uses boxing and/or kickboxing as a basis, we understand that you will not get there with ring sports, the need would arise. During our regular training we therefore became proficient in Pilipino Martial Arts (FMA), Muay Boran and Defense Lab, among other things. FMA - a system that unites stick, knife and unarmed combat (also called Panantukan or dirty boxing) - forms the basis of Krav Maga Hybrid. It makes the overall system easy to learn.

Krav Maga Hybrid

Panantukan or dirty boxing is a close-combat fighting system and is also known as "street boxing", "pangamot" and "total fight". Only the laws of the street apply and that means there are no rules at all: everything is allowed. It is a combat system aimed at maximum efficiency. Unlike "normal" competitive boxing and kickboxing, Dirty Boxing uses the whole body as a weapon. It is realistic, hard, fast and effective. Dirty Boxing is also a fantastic addition to all other martial arts.

Filipino Martial Arts is an integral part of Krav Maga Hybrid